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Data storage10GB

Pay as you go per 100 accounts

The Starter Plan is suitable for distributing exercises, tests, and certificate examinations. We recommend this plan using with small contents.

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Data storage100GB

Pay as you go per 100 accounts

This plan is recommended for those who want to use videos while you want to be cost effective. It is also suitable for training and education using video.

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Premium plan

Data storage200GB

Pay as you go per 100 accounts

The plan for video streaming with a large storage. This plan is recommended for those who want to improve their video training experience by delivering high resolution and large sized videos.

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Annual subscription

EC special license

Data storageUnlimited

The EC Special License is required if you want to use the EC feature to sell your content online. There is no limit to the number of accounts and expiration date. A dedicated server contract is required.

*The No. of user accounts are unlimited. "No. of user accounts" field becomes invalid.

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You can motivate your learners and use it as a more branded learning site by creating your original design. Content and costs vary depending on the server plan.

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Please be sure to check the page summarizing the precautions and flows from application to start of use .

After applying for the dedicated server and design customization, you will need to submit documents such as the design request form and coordinate with our staff. Therefore, it will take approximately 3 months to start operation.

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*Domain acquisition agent service: If you acquire the domain by yourself, you do not need to select this option.
*SSL setting service: You don't have to choose the SSL setting because it is free of charge.

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※契約終了まで1か月に満たない場合は、お電話・メールもしくはinquiry formにて対応いたします。

Hides the copyright of learningBOX displayed in the system footer.

You can create more original quizzes and tests.
You will be able to customize the design, synthetic voice (5 or more voices), and change characters in the player.

You can purchase the quiz license at the quiz license introduction page on the quiz website. For more information, please click here

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