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Starter Plan is suitable for distributing exercises, tests, and examinations. We recommend this plan if your contents are light-volume. (File size are allowed up to 30MB per file for uploading, *Some exceptions exist.)


This plan is recommended for those who want to use videos with affordable price. This plan is used for video learning. (Up to 500MB per file can be uploaded *Some exceptions exist.)

Premium plan

The plan is suitable for video-based learning with large-volume videos. This plan is recommended for those who want to enhance their video-based learning by delivering high quality and large volume videos. (Each file can be uploaded up to 5GB *There are some exceptions.)

EC special license

EC special license is required if you want to do online content sales. Unlimited number of user accounts and no expiration date are available with EC. The dedicated server plan is required.
*"No. of accounts" would be invalid due to the unlimited No. of accounts.

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You can motivate your learners and use it as a more branded learning site by creating your original design. Content and costs vary depending on the server plan.

[Please check in advance]
Design customization requires the submission of documents such as a design request form and coordination with our staff after application. Please give us some time before you start using the service. For more details, please check here.

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*Domain acquisition agent service: If you acquire the domain by yourself, you do not need to select this option.
*SSL setting service: You don't have to choose the SSL setting because it is free of charge.

*If you would like to add the design customization options within one month before your plan expires, please contact us by phone, email or inquiry form.

The API integration enables "Single sign-on" and integrating learners' scores with the core system.
* Only the Starter plan is charged.

Hides the copyright of learningBOX displayed in the system footer.

You can create more original quizzes and tests.
You will be able to customize the design, synthetic voice (5 or more voices), and change characters in the player.

You can purchase the quiz license at the quiz license introduction page on the quiz website. For more information, please click here

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