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Data storage10GB

Pay as you go per 100 accounts

The Starter Plan is suited for exercise distribution, tests, and examinations. This is recommended for small sized contents.(Up to 30MB per file can be uploaded *Except for some materials)

Monthly subscription

Annual subscription

Standard plan

Data storage100GB

Pay as you go per 100 accounts

Recommended for those who want to use video while keeping costs low. It is also suitable for training and video education.

Monthly subscription

Annual subscription

Premium plan

Data storage200GB

Pay as you go per 100 accounts

Plan For video education with large sized storage. It can deliver high-quality, large-volume video and is recommended for those who wish to enhance their video learning experience.

Monthly subscription

Annual subscription

EC special license

Data storageUnlimited

The EC Special License is required if you want to use the ability to sell learning content (EC). Unlimited number of accounts and no expiration date. Dedicated server contract is required.

*Since the number of accounts is unlimited, the "No. of accounts" selection field is treated as invalid.

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By creating an original design, the site can be used to motivate learners and as a more branded learning site. Contents and costs vary depending on the server plan.

[Please confirm in advance]

Please refer to the page summarizing the precautions and flow from application to start of use. Please confirm it in advance.

After applying for a dedicated server/design customization, you will need to submit a design request form and other documents and coordinate with our staff. Therefore, it takes about 3 months or more to start operation.

[ About the dedicated server option ]
*You need 1000 accounts or more.
*Domain acquisition: If your company acquires the certificate, you do not need to select this option.
*SSL setup service: You do not need to select this option with our specified SSL.

Request the design

*If you plan to request a design, please allow approximately one month to one month from the date of your order, depending on the submission of the request form and coordination with our staff.

*If less than one month remains before the end of the contract, we will respond by phone, email or inquiry form.

Hides the copyright of learningBOX displayed in the system footer.

Data created with PowerPoint can be imported into learningBOX and distributed as content.

You can learn the imported contents as long as the option is valid.

You can create more unique quizzes and tests.
Design customization, synthetic voices and system and change the system output character in the generator, etc.

You can purchase the quiz license at the quiz license introduction page on the quiz website. For more information, please click here

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